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Maimeri Acrilico

75ml | 500ml

Maimeri Acrilico/Acrylic colours, dense and highly workable with a brush, are very easy to use. These colours are an excellent tool for both professional and hobby artist as well as students, considering their very good price quality ratio.

Their characteristic viscosity derives from a special, ultra-pure acrylic resin that makes this product suitable even for density techniques. When used pure, without diluting, Maimeri Acrilico makes it very easy to create thick layers. Diluted with a little water or, still better with a Matt or Gloss Medium, it can be applied with a brush. The colours in the range are vivid, bright and clean. The range includes 5 micaceous pearlescent shades. They are made with top quality pigments carefully ground. 

Dispersed and stabilised to to obtain intense, bright hues. Once dry the Maimeri Acrilico surface is homogeneous and satiated. Scrupulous formulation and careful dispersion process result in exceptionally bright and clean secondary colours and by dilution with water it allows painters to achieve the transparency characteristics of watercolours.

***Please note that the 75ml range has been discontinued which is the reason such a limited number of colours are available
The 500ml is still available