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Sennelier Oil


Today the descendants of Gustave Sennelier still create their extraordinarily luscious colours from the finest hand-ground pigments combined with pure, first-press non-yellowing safflower oils. They produce an outstanding collection of oils distinguished by a "satin" finish and buttery feel. The paints still entrance artists, just as they did when pioneers such as C├ęzanne, Picasso, Bonnard, Soutine and Camille Pissarro first used them.

Many colours are exclusive to Sennelier, including Chinese Orange, Sennelier Transparent Brown, a range of semi-opaque Mars colours, transparent Alizarins, and the unusual Cinnabar and Cobalt Greens. Their Titanium White is considered to be the most opaque Titanium White ever made.

Every one of these colours is remarkably rich, vivid, and responsive, as only a Sennelier oil can be.